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MAC Repair

Computronic Mac specialists perform liquid damage MacBook repair, Macbook Pro broken screen replacement, Macbook Air keyboard and trackpad repair, slow iMac repair, Mac Mini and Mac Pro repair ......

Data Recovery

We are specialized in Apple Mac data recovery, failed Hard Drive data recovery, Laptop data recovery, defective SSD data recovery, degraded raid data recovery, damaged SD card data recovery ....

Laptop Repair

At Computronic we repair all make and models of laptops. Our engineers are able to repair laptop screen, replace broken laptop hinge, repair laptop motherboard, repair laptop fan and overheating issue ....

PC Computer Repair

Computronic certified technicians can troubleshoot and fix any problem with your PC computer within few hours. Just give us a call our bring in your computer to our shop ....

Office and Business IT Services

Computronic specializes in providing professional IT services to businesses in Toronto. Skilled technicians at Computronic can conduct any computer or network services ....

Home Computer Services

With over two decades of Apple Mac repair and PC computer services, Computronic technicians are available to fix your computer within few hours in your home ....

Network Setup

Computronic network specialist have done hundreds of home and office network setup since early 90's in downtown Toronto. Just contact us when you need network setup ....

Server Setup

At Computronic our engineers are able to setup and configure Mail Servers, Database Servers and File Servers for small and mid-size businesses ....

Computer Security

Computer security has become increasingly important in recent years. Computronic security experts are able to implement hardware and software to secure your network and data ....

Virus/Spyware Removal

If your computer is infected with virus, malware or spyware don't worry. We use the latest removal tools to scan and clean viruses completely from your system ....

Computer Backup

Computer backup is the most important tool to restore valuable data when hard drive crash or computer failure happens. We offer best hardware and software backup solutions within your budget ....

Remote Computer troubleshooting

We provide remote IT and computer services when there is an issue and your computer still has internet access. Software and settings related problems can be fixed remotely ....



I was referred to Computronic by the Apple Technician for data recovery of my daughter's Macbook. Jeff professionally attended to me and addressed the problem efficiently and in a timely manner at a very reasonable price. KUDOS to Jeff and his tech savvy team. I will highly recommend you to my family and friends. BIG THANK YOU !!!! ☺


I am an English teacher working in a downtown Toronto high school, where I am also the editor of the school's literary magazine. Imagine my shock at discovering my USB had malfunctioned and my horror at believing I had lost my students' magazine submissions, which represented many many hours of typing, editing and proofreading on my part! First, I went to a highly recommended computer store where the young man behind the Customer Service counter plugged my dysfunctional USB into his computer, ejected it, told me that my USB was dysfunctional and there was no further service the store (a store that claims to provide repairs and service to computers!) could offer. I left the store and promptly hailed a cab to nearby Computronic where Jeff reassured me he'd have made an assessment by the following day. I had just walked in my front door two hours later when the phone rang; it was Jeff to tell me that all the data had been retrieved and I could pick it up the next day. I slept better that night since I had first believed I had lost all mine and my students' work, two nights earlier. I have learned three things from this experience; the first is to always back up my files, the second is to always eject the USB correctly from the computer, and last but not least, to always go to Jeff and Computronic first with any computer-related problem. They're thoughtful, kind, friendly, reliable,fast,efficient and reasonably priced.

Jean-Paul R.

Excellent customer service, good turnaround time, and fair pricing. I was thoroughly impressed - can't recommend them highly enough!

Ryan K.

Needed an emergency repair on my laptop monitor, computronic was the only repair shop that not only had the required parts but would also do a same day return. Great service!

Sara J.

My water bottle had spilt in my backpack at the beginning of the day, soaking all my paperwork and my Macbook Air. The laptop wouldn't turn on, let alone charge. When I called Apple they said they couldn't help me if there was water damage, that I might as well just get a new computer. I went to Computronic on Bloor moments before they closed and they were happy to take a look. I expressed to them that I needed to know if the computer and data was salvageable ASAP given that exam season is fast approaching. The next morning they gave me a call with an update, expressing what was broken, what needed new parts, and what could be fixed manually. They told me everything would cost $290, and they could it have it fixed by the next day. By the next day they had my laptop in perfect condition before noon. I can't express how helpful and kind they were throughout the whole process. I called them several times and they were happy to answer all my questions and act as quickly as possible to help me get back to my studies. In summation: - Rather than spend > $1200 on a new laptop, they miraculously fixed my laptop for $290. - They received, assessed, and fixed my laptop all in under 48 hours. - They were extremely kind, helpful and accommodating. I couldn't have had a better experience. Thank you Computronic!

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