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Your important data is our business
Data loss could be one of the worse disasters that can happen to an organization or person's digital information in the lack of proper backup which can be used for restoration.

The good news is that even if you don’t have a backup or your backup is not recent, Computronic Data Recovery experts are able to recover your data in the fastest possible time at a very reasonable price. With over 15 year experience in Data Recovery field, our experts can assure you to retrieve your information if your storage medium is not completely damaged or your data has not been overwritten by new files.

Computronic takes advantage of the latest technologies in data recovery industry to maximize the chance of recovering data even on the most recent hard drive interfaces and hardware used in Laptops, Desktops, Servers and other digital storages.

With countless successful recovery cases over the years on business and individual hard drives and storage systems, you can rely on Computronic Data Recovery Services to retrieve your lost data including pictures, important documents, database records, emails and any other information that you have saved in digital form.

Just drop off or send your non-functional drive to us for an assessment. We will provide you with a quote on recovery cost and the time that recovery takes within a day. For further information on data recovery process you may contact us by phone or email.
Some valuable tips
Backup and backup and backup. Always keep at least two copies of your important data. On cloud, on external drive or any other storage.

If you are experiencing one of the signs of hard drive failure, stop using your computer or drive immediately and bring it in for professional analyze and recovery.
Some of Our Clients
"Really fast, effective and trustworthy service! I was referred to Computronic by the Apple store after I lost quite a bit of data from my hard drive. Jeff was extremely knowledgable and personable. I was in contact with another company that performed the same services and they quoted me an "Assessment Fee" and double the price of what Computronic charged. Thanks to Jeff and the team at Computronic for making a bad situation into a really good one!"
Sean Baldwin
I was referred to Computronic by the Apple Technician for data recovery of my daughter's Macbook. Jeff professionally attended to me and addressed the problem efficiently and in a timely manner at a very reasonable price. KUDOS to Jeff and his tech savvy team. I will highly recommend you to my family and friends. BIG THANK YOU !!!! ☺
"I promptly hailed a cab to nearby Computronic where Jeff reassured me he'd have made an assessment by the following day. I had just walked in my front door two hours later when the phone rang; it was Jeff to tell me that all the data had been retrieved and I could pick it up the next day. I slept better that night since I had first believed I had lost all mine and my students' work, two nights earlier. I have learned three things from this experience; the first is to always back up my files, the second is to always eject the USB correctly from the computer, and last but not least, to always go to Jeff and Computronic first with any computer-related problem. They're thoughtful, kind, friendly, reliable,fast,efficient and reasonably priced.”