Managed it services
For most small businesses having an in-house IT staff who can constantly maintain and administrate computer systems is not financially feasible. These kinds of organizations usually end up having to spend hours trying to troubleshoot and fix computer and network related issues either by getting help from an staff member with limited knowledge about hardware and software, or calling IT service providers after problems occur which results in losing productivity, downtime and wasting time and money.

With Computronic Managed IT Services it is possible to easily and effectively prevent many of the problems and glitches beforehand by continuous monitoring of hardware and software status of servers, workstations and peripherals, backup and security integrity, antivirus and antispyware conditions, operating system and applications security patches and updates and network performance.

Computronic offers a free comprehensive assessment and analyze on your entire IT infrastructure and provides you with an exclusive report with best possible solutions and recommendations to minimize your IT downtime and deficiencies.

Our Services
Monitoring, reporting and managing:

✔ Servers and Workstations

✔ Hardware and Software

✔ Network Health and Performance

✔ AntiVirus, Adware and Antispam

✔ Backup and Storage

✔ Firewall and Security

✔ Users and Data Access