Apple Mac Services, Computer Repair and IT Solutions in Toronto

Apple Mac Repair

Computronic engineers with over two decades of experience can fix any hardware or software issues with Apple Mac computers. whether you spilled water on your Macbook or you have a slow iMac or a Macbook Pro with broken screen, we are ready to service your Mac as fast as possible with a very reasonable price.

Macbook Repair
  • Macbook screen replacement
  • Macbook keyboard replacement
  • Macbook trackpad replacement
  • Macbook not turning on
  • Macbook not charging
  • Macbook Data Recovery
  • Macbook Logic board repair
  • Macbook liquid damage repair
Macbook Pro Repair
  • Macbook Pro screen replacement
  • Macbook Pro keyboard replacement
  • Macbook Pro trackpad replacement
  • Macbook Pro not turning on
  • Macbook Pro not charging
  • Macbook Pro Data Recovery
  • Macbook Pro Logic board repair
  • Macbook Pro liquid damage repair
Macbook Air Repair
  • Macbook Air screen replacement
  • Macbook Air keyboard replacement
  • Macbook Air trackpad replacement
  • Macbook Air not turning on
  • Macbook Air not charging
  • Macbook Air Data Recovery
  • Macbook Air Logic board repair
  • Macbook Air liquid damage repair
iMac Repair
  • iMac screen replacement
  • iMac GPU repair
  • iMac slow startup repair
  • iMac not turning on
  • iMac fan replacement
  • iMac Data Recovery
  • iMac Logicboard repair
  • iMac RAM upgrade
Mac Pro Repair
  • Mac Pro not turning on
  • Mac Pro slow start up
  • Mac Pro RAM upgrade
  • Mac Pro SSD upgrade
  • Mac Pro overheating repair
  • Mac Pro logic board repair
  • Mac Pro Data Recovery
Mac mini Repair
  • Mac mini not turning on
  • Mac mini slow start up
  • Mac mini data recovery
  • Mac mini Logic board repair
  • Mac mini RAM upgrade
  • Mac mini SSD upgrade
  • Mac mini overheating repair

Laptop Repair

For many people laptops are one of the most important tools in their daily activities and operations.  Computronic engineers recognize this fact and do their best to fix any issues with your laptop in the fastest possible time. Computronic is known as one of the best laptop repair centers in Toronto for over 23 years.  

Laptop hardware repair
  • Laptop screen repair or replacement
  • Laptop keyboard repair or replacement
  • Laptop touch pad repair or replacement
  • Laptop not turning on repair
  • laptop not charging repair
  • Laptop motherboard repair
  • Laptop liquid damage repair
  • Laptop overheat repair
  • Laptop fan repair or replacement
  • Laptop RAM upgrade
  • Laptop power adapter replacement
  • Laptop hinge repair
Laptop brands we repair
  • Acer laptop repair
  • Alienware laptop repair
  • Asus laptop repair
  • Dell laptop repair
  • Fujitsu laptop repair
  • Lenovo laptop repair
  • LG laptop repair
  • HP laptop repair
  • IBM laptop repair
  • MSI laptop repair
  • Toshiba laptop repair
  • Samsung laptop repair
  • Sony laptop repair
  • Razer laptop repair
Laptop software repair
  • Laptop data recovery
  • Laptop blue screen fix
  • Laptop Windows not starting fix
  • Laptop Windows upgrade
  • Laptop virus removal
  • Slow laptop fixes
  • WiFi connection repair

Computer Repair

We are specialized in computer troubleshooting and repair in Toronto. If your computer is not turning on, shows blue screen, running slow or infected by virus, malware and spyware just contact us for a quick assessment. You will receive a firm quotation on repair cost and upon your approval we fix your computer as soon as possible. If you are in a rush to get your computer fixed and looking for a fast computer repair in downtown Toronto, just bring in your computer and we will start working on your computer right away.

Desktop computer repair
  • Slow computer repair
  • Computer not powering on repair
  • Computer motherboard repair
  • Computer overheating fix
  • Computer no display repair
  • Computer freezes repair 
All-in-one computer repair
  • Computer virus removal
  • Computer blue screen repair
  • Computer data recovery
  • Windows repair
  • Computer hard drive repair and upgrade
  • Internet connection not working troubleshooting
PC repair
  • Acer computer repair
  • Asus computer repair
  • Dell computer repair
  • HP computer repair
  • Lenovo computer repair
  • IBM computer repair

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